Capturing the minds of students

Mosaic partnered with King’s College, London in September 2013 on a new approach to engagement with prospective students — the University’s first large-scale Open Day.

We managed the complete production of branding, signage and print; from the initial audit, to offering on-site support during the installation and the Open Day. The signage and branding were impactful yet practical, as the Open Day spanned many different ‘zones’.

A “where curiosity reigns” campaign positioning was developed highlighting the alumni who had studied at King’s, whilst establishing an emotional connection with those who may attend in the future. To guide visitors, we produced a coloured zonal system reflected on directional signage, map and timetables.

This ensured the venue was self-navigable and delivered an impressive first impression and sense of excitement. Due to the success of this Open Day, we will partner with King’s on their large-scale Open Days in 2014.