Creating brand advocates — shifting behaviour

Social media has transformed the creation of brand advocates. Before the mass adoption of social media, driving consideration through advocated word of mouth (thus, increasing share of voice) was achieved via a fairly linear customer journey. Not only that, competitors needed plenty of media weight behind them to take a seat at the table. Fast-forward to 2017 and we see a fragmented customer journey with multiple routes to purchase. The most powerful brand advocates are ‘influencers’ and the term ‘influencer marketing’ is widely understood and employed as a successful strategy.  

What does this mean for brand owners? Well, the opportunity to be found has never been greater as consumers seek information and entertainment 24/7 through a multitude of platforms and devices. Brand awareness can be raised in a multitude of ways. Perhaps the biggest challenge is being found, getting noticed, at a time when consumers are bombarded by an average of 3,500 marketing messages a day. Ask yourself the question, what ads or messages do you recall seeing yesterday? We bet it’s less than three. Find that one powerful thought, a thought that resonates with your target and keep saying it (repeatedly) in an interesting and engaging way. Every brand has creativity at their disposal, the bravest will win.