Catalytic creativity — get emotional

It will come as no surprise that John Lewis’s #BusterTheBoxer ad was the most shared of 2016 — a massive 1,949,387 times. Today’s stats on YouTube show it’s been viewed over 25.3 million times. Creativity that captures people in this way is every brand owner’s dream. So what’s the secret? Emotion. Those raw feelings that stir inside all of us, drawn out by emotionally intelligent, captivating stories. Finding the emotion comes from truly understanding an audience, not every driver is rational. The brilliant #BusterTheBoxer ad is unexpected, intriguing and funny. The production values are exquisite and let’s face it, we all love a cute furry animal. What’s not to like? So come on everyone, let’s embrace that most un-British behaviour and get emotional.  Because when it comes to engaging prospects, emotion delivers.