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Porky Whites


2018 saw a huge step forward for British sausage manufacturer when we relaunched a simplified and elegant new range and packaging concept.

We’re no strangers to the world of sausages having been working with one of the UK’s finest producers since the turn of the millennium. We helped conceive the Porky Whites brand and have been active partners with the business since.

The Porky Whites brand has been something of a phenomenon over the years with new lines being added year-on-year including the famous Porky Lights – a lower fat range of sausages conceived by Mosaic from some surprising numbers that appeared in routine brand research. 

The decision was made to slim down the range and focus on creating clearer and more distinctive flavour profiles through new, bolder packaging. The iconic family picture has been relocated and replaced with a Porky Whites identity for the complete range and not just on select products. The more premium look and a shift to a portrait stance in the chiller cabinet has helped to create further appeal to a broader range of customers.  

The new packaging was also accompanied with a relaunch of a full online shopping experience and new website.


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