Specialists in not specialising



When it comes to your health, you seek a specialist. When it comes to your home, again you’ll seek a specialist to help you build the space of your dreams. When it comes to marketing many fall into the trap of selecting a specialist. “Oh they’ve done loads of work in xxx sector, they get it” is a common justification for working with one supplier over another for many.  But what if a specialism was understanding people, what makes them tick and how to tap into those need states? Surely a small agency focused on that, not on a sector, will have the capability to deliver campaigns that break the mould. Campaigns that achieve results far beyond expectations. At Mosaic we’re specialists in not specialising — of course we’re specialists in the world of marketing communications but we’ll never restrict ourselves to one sector over another. We believe it keeps us fresh and keeps us excited for the next round of creative development. Einstein once said ‘Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework in which the problems were created’, 100% focus on one sector flies in the face of that thought. So we won’t specialise. It’s what makes us different, but rest assured we’ll never be different for different’s sake. 



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