Laurie's Arctic Roll


Every now and then, we should all get a moment away from the norm. A change of routine. A pause for thought. And where better than the most northern settlement in the world which is only a small leap to the North Pole. That place is Svalbard – a Norwegian territory set deep in the Arctic Circle and the location for me to ease into my second half-century with my dear friend from the States who also shares the same significant birthday.

People who know me, are aware of my love of photography and frozen spaces so it won't come as a surprise to hear that a trip to Svalbard has been an ambition of mine for sometime. Armed with a ton of camera equipment and a rifle-wielding guide (to protect me from the unwanted attentions of a Polar Bear) my trip was good to go.

Overnight stays in an abandoned ex-Soviet mining town, trips to the original and new Global Seed Vault and a close swim-by from a Blue Whale were just a few of the highlights. More trips to follow for sure. Next time 24 hour darkness to join the experience of 24 hour daylight. In the meantime here are a few pictures from my time there. 

Laurie Griffiths