Relaunch and magazine production for AI publication



AIM magazine


We love a magazine. And so do readers. But it’s one of the sadnesses of the digital age that great magazines are becoming a rarity. But 2019 has seen something of a renaissance for publishing for Mosaic. With a rich history of publishing magazines for organisations that include business schools, development agencies, universities and even lingerie makers, it’s a welcome return. Now is a great time to stand out with the printed word and we are beginning to witness a return.

AIM magazine is a quarterly thought leadership journal that keeps clinicians, hospital executives and technology firms abreast of what’s happening in the medical artificial intelligence space. It features personalities and in-depth analysis that helps to gather both the academic and real-world applications for those interested.

As part of a brand overhaul of the parent organisation behind AIM, AIMed, where Mosaic explored the brand architecture and the visual language of the group, our attentions turned to the existing journal.

Our intention was to begin with revisiting the content structure and then the design. Mosaic’s resident editor oversaw the words whilst a dedicated team focused on the design and production of the publication. We changed every aspect of the publication including frequency, size and appearance.

AIM will be published by Mosaic three times a year with content being fed into digital channels all year round.

Download the new AIM publication in its entirety here.



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