Prospectus season



St George’s University


As we draw to the end of the university prospectus production season for another year, it's a good time to reflect on what has been a significant proportion of our 2018 agency output so far. We're fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the University of London and at least four of its federal colleges – City University, London, St Georges's University of London, LSE and SOAS. We've been instrumental in producing new ways of creating more brand-led prospectuses over the last few years and the books we've made this year represent a further shift into creating a brand experience for prospective students – leaving the more nitty-gritty information to the web.

The world of UK based universities has been a changing one and the need to be clearer on what each university has to offer over another has never been more important. As is the need to tread carefully with over-claims and over-promises with a number of universities finding themselves in hot water water with advertising authorities and disappointed students. 

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City, University of London

The 2019/20 City prospectus has built on the previous versions that we created closely with the University's Publications team. They shape the content, we create the design, production and the bulk of the photography. The result is a popular and polished document with real standout. 



St George's University of London

Following on from winning a Heist Award for St George's last year, Mosaic extended its involvement with the University's student recruitment by adding their Post-Graduate Guide to the mix. Laurie undertook more of the contemporary portraits that define the look of the Undergraduate sister document and the whole suite of books were given a gentle make over.



and of course schools...

It's not all about higher education. We've been busy shaping some school's images too – one on our doorstep and the other in France. Hurstpierpoint College and L'Écoles des Roches are two very different institutions from within the independent education sector. Our approach was to create a strong brand purpose and visual language to support their communications. One that focuses on the merits of a contemporary take on a traditional education and the other on an exceptional heritage.