Mosaic is a Brighton-based creative agency that energises and invigorates brands. We bring clarity, engagement and appeal to a diverse range of clients and enable in-house marketing and creative teams to deliver.

At Mosaic, we make change happen.


Change has the power to transform brands.

It breathes life into business. It invigorates and excites. We're a team you can trust, who appreciate the value of listening. Rest assured, we’re strategic and creative thinkers and will work with you to make change happen. For the better.

“Mosaic developed a truly unique positioning for Regent’s University which has improved the quality of our enquiries as well as strengthening our proposition against the competitors. It’s a tough sector to differentiate within and the work we’ve created together has been outstanding.” 

Richard Yates, Regent's University London


We create brand clarity.

We'll choose your words carefully. We all have lots to say and brands are no exception. Effective marketing begins with really understanding what's best to say. And who to say it to. We make it our business to understand what makes people tick and that gives us the ability to identify what really matters. It's an understanding that only comes with experience. And we have plenty.

“The CIPD have worked with Mosaic since the early 1990s. Such an enduring relationship is rare but they consistently bring a freshness of thought and creativity to our organisation which is reflected in the results.” 

Sandeep Khaira, CIPD


We create brand engagement.

Brands need conversations. Not just introductions. Getting noticed is only half the story. We'll get your brand the attention it needs but we'll also help take things further. Our creative campaigns motivate and engage the right people. Which in turn enable brands to build long-term, valuable relationships. It's the difference between being listened to and simply being heard. 

“We’ve been working with our friends at Mosaic for a long time now. The brand, event and retail marketing campaigns developed by the team are always of the highest quality. Not only that, they’ve consistently performed well for us.” 

Katie Tyler, Silverstone Circuit


We create brand appeal.

Creativity touches everything we do. Times change and so do we. Keeping pace with what’s now, and more importantly, what’s next is a product of personal curiosity and not just discipline. It’s what’s kept us original for 25 years. Our work is the result of knowing what you need in order to grow your brand’s appeal. Gratuitous design doesn’t live here. Just considered, award-winning creativity. Which your brand will be all the better for.


A few of the great names we’ve worked with: